Covid Totals

Name: Covid Totals
Category: Public Information, Statistics,

Project Description:

Early in the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Pandemic, there was little information about cases, data, and news about the pandemic. The site launched in March of 2020, just days after the United States began to see the growing infection rate and began locking down.

The information there is provided in real time and using multiple internationally recognized data sources.

Technically, it is not difficult to pull data from the JSON sources, format them, and display the results. But, on simple shared hosting platform, we were not prepared to handle the amount of traffic. We decided to build the data visualizations off-site and pull the content in real-time from much faster servers than our own.

This allowed us to continue to be the daily, or many times daily destination for the latest statistics about the pandemic.