I have been involved with some form of technology since 1980. This is my return to offering professional web development services.

About this site

I started developing for the web in 1994. That year, I helped setup one of the earliest web servers at the University of Michigan Computing Club (Arbor Information Society).

Then, as a systems engineer, I mainly started it to learn HTML but, like many at the time, I was captivated by the web as a medium.

Design and Development

After many years of professional web development, iterating through designs and programmatic concepts that work, and refining the methodologies that are effective, I picked up some solid foundations. Then, by improving process from inception to testing to publication, these methods have become as a standard operating model for me.

It really comes down to a simple software development lifecycle such as this:

Plan > Define > Build > Test > Deploy > Support 

There can be iterations between build and test. Support can be ongoing as you improve development, refine business process, and simplify just the normal cadence of publishing fresh content and transacting business.

Business Over Technology

Problem: Over many years of development, it quickly became clear to me how technology sometimes leads and drives business processes.

While there are times where it can be appropriate to adopt new technical methods to solve business problems. It should always be business processes and problems that drive technical solutions and never the reverse.

Solution: There are countless ways to solve business processes with technology, but we must always align with the business at hand and not the technology available to enable the transactions of business.

This single aspect alone has done more to help me help many people focus on effective means in which to do their work and be profitable.

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