Pure Pro Wrestling

Name: Pure Pro Wrestling
Category: Sports Entertainment
Website: https://www.pureprowrestling.net

Project Description:

Pure Pro Wrestling was more than ready for a redesign as the last iteration was built on the Wix website builder and had many, many thousands of lines of theme overburden, coupled with very slow server response times, and a high monthly cost for a basic and static site. The new design is more dynamic, lighter, more device independent and allows the non-technical staff manage their own content.

Further, significant opportunity was captured by the ability to automate some of the business processes. Marketing and communications were given huge gains as the interoperability of the new system enabled seamless and automatic integrations. Sales and processing were able to finally take advantage of payment processing, user management, and fulfillment.

Future plans include 100% on-site ticketing and event management and private access to training and enablement content.