Smith Equipment Rental & Trailer Sales

Name: Smith Equipment Rental & Trailer Sales
Category: Rental Service, Customer Support, Sales, and Marketing

Smith Equipment Rental & Trailer Sales is a family owned and Michigan-based equipment rental services agency. They have locations in Gaylord and Petoskey, with more locations being planned for 2024. In addition to a diverse portfolio of rental services offerings, they also represent the nations most highly regarded trailer product lines for sale. From heavy commercial equipment, lawn and garden tools, and DIY tools for the home owner, Smith has a wide offering of rental products to offer.

Smith was vendor locked in a costly, difficult to maintain, and out-dated website builder platform. We were able to break them away from that restrictive and expensive platform in favor of a more open, cloud-based, and flexible platform at a reduced ongoing annual cost. In fact, the ROI of the new platform will be recouped in complete, in under two years.

The site is now more flexible, responsive to multiple devices, and is far easier to update and maintain. Most importantly, it can now scale to grow with this dynamic and growing company.